Chris Tausanovitch

Published Papers

Hill, Seth and Chris Tausanovitch, 2018. "Southern Realignment, Party Sorting, and the Polarization of American Primary Electorates, 1958-2012." Public Choice, Forthcoming.

McCarty, Nolan, Jonathan Rodden, Boris Shor, Chris Tausanovitch and Christopher Warshaw, 2018. "Geography, Uncertainty, and Polarization." Political Science Research and Methods, Forthcoming.

Sides, John, Lynn Vavreck, Chris Tausanovitch and Christopher Warshaw, 2018. "On the Representativeness of Primary Electorates." British Journal of Political Science, Forthcoming.

Tausanovitch, Chris, and Christopher Warshaw, 2018. "Does the Ideological Proximity Between Congressional Candidates and Voters Affect Voting Decisions in Recent U.S. House Elections?" Political Behavior, 40:223-245.

Caughey, Devin, Chris Tausanovitch and Christopher Warshaw, 2017. "Partisan Gerrymandering and the Political Process: Effects on Roll-Call Voting and State Policies." Electoral Law Journal, 16(4):453-469.

Tausanovitch, Chris and Christopher Warshaw, 2017. "Estimating Candidates' Political Orientation in a Polarized Congress." Political Analysis, 25(2).

Tausanovitch, Chris, 2016. "Income, Ideology, and Representation." RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences, 2(7).

Oh, Jason S., and Chris Tausanovitch, 2016. "Quantifying Legislative Uncertainty: A Case Study in Tax Policy." Tax Law Review, 69(4).

Hill, Seth, and Chris Tausanovitch, 2015. "A Disconnect in Representation? Comparison of Trends in Congressional and Public Polarization." Journal of Politics, 77(4).

Tausanovitch, Chris, and Christopher Warshaw, 2014. "Representation in Municipal Government." American Political Science Review, 108(3).

Tausanovitch, Chris, and Christopher Warshaw, 2013. "Measuring Constituent Policy Preferences in Congress, State Legislatures, and Cities." Journal of Politics, 75 (2): 330-342.

Unpublished Papers

Lewis, Jeffrey B., and Chris Tausanovitch. "When Does Joint Scaling Allow For Direct Comparisons of Preferences?"

Tausanovitch, Chris. "Measuring Policy Preferences."


Tausanovitch, Chris and Christopher Warshaw. "How Should We Choose Survey Questions to Measure Citizens' Policy Preferences?"

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